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Trends in AI, ML, and NLP

While the effect of software adoption at scale is efficiency and abundance, the byproduct of this trend is that the abundance accrues mostly to those that have the greatest aptitudes and understanding of software. Accern's mission is to democratize software, specifically natural language processing (NLP), a type of artificial intelligence (AI), by developing no-code solutions so that people with limited technical knowhow can be free to explore, discover, innovate, and create impactful business solutions.

Accern created the first no-code NLP platform-as-aservice (PaaS) with pre-built data sources, pre-built taxonomies, and pre-built models that can be used out of the box or mixed and matched and combined with other data sources and custom taxonomies to extract insights with the highest accuracy scores in the financial services industry.

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Above text excerpted from eBook Foreword by Accern CEO Kumesh Aroomoogan.