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As one of our portfolio companies, you will further optimize your product’s offerings, expand your customer base, scale up and, ultimately, endure.

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We make minority investments with fair terms, which often means a board role.

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Give Your Firm the Green Light to Grow

Fundraising is a marathon, and it’s better to start before your runway shrinks to the point of no return. Here are some indicators to assess your team’s fundraising readiness:


You’re a unique team solving a hard problem with a sustainably differentiated solution, and you clearly understand why customers choose your product over the competitors’.


Your financials look promising: you have solid traction and monetize fairly. You see an exponential revenue line and a linear cost line for both the past and as a forecast.


To level up, you need funding on fair terms. You are developing a credible business model as well as a strong strategy to generate significant, long-term profit.


From Fixer-Upper to Fortune 500

Turning product managers into champions will accelerate your go-to-market success. Overcome obstacles and get your product on the traction train faster:


Build a Great

Make something people actually need, whether it’s an obvious or unstated need that speaks to being human.


Bark Up
the Right Tree

Stop fighting resistance on the outside and identify champions on the inside.



Get in front of 300,000 potential customers and accelerate your sales velocity by 30%.

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