Why Mighty Capital

Mighty Capital has a proven track record of investing in products that transform lives and creating value at scale.


Our team of seven is a powerhouse, blending the best product minds and the most disciplined investors. SC and Jennifer form the investment committee and have been investing for 10 years, six with Mighty Capital. Prior, SC crafted award-winning mobile products for Nokia and Meta. Speaker, Stanford lecturer, and a best-selling book on great products under her belt, she also built a 500,000-member community of product managers and turned it into a non-profit that runs awards, research and educational programs. Jennifer, a finance exec turned investor, made a name for herself by taking a security company public. Our team includes three heavyweights from Google, SwissRe, and Sequoia Hospital as partners, and two rockstar principals on the partner track.

Founded in 2017, Mighty Capital leverages this massive network of product managers to spot trends and help portfolio companies find customers and talent.

Select CPOs from Our Advisory Board


Entrepreneurs praise us as the best value-add investor, crucial to their success. Our network of product managers is more than a sales channel, it’s also a talent pipeline and an exit strategy.

Fund I 76% IRR

“I chose Mighty Capital as lead because of their insightful guidance and ability to accelerate our go-to-market thanks to their network of >500,000 PMs.”

—Kumesh Aroomoogan

Accern Founding CEO

Fund I 13.6X

"Mighty Capital is fantastic! We could not have raised our Series A without them. And they sourced our Chief Product Officer.”

—Isabel Rafferty

Canela Founding CEO

Fund II 100% IRR

“I picked Mighty Capital as the lead over SoftBank. They helped us break into new verticals and close $-millions with marquee customers like Neiman Marcus.”

—Alex Beckman

ON Platform Founding CEO

Fund I 14.3X Realized

“Mighty Capital is among our top investors in terms of value per dollar invested. Sales have accelerated by 30% thanks to them!”

—Spenser Skates

Amplitude Founding CEO


The exclusive partnership between Mighty Capital and Products That Count is an indisputable competitive advantage that brings substantial value.

Products That Count is a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps everyone build great products and acts as a trusted advisor to nearly all CPOs at Fortune 1000. It inspires 500,000+ product managers with exceptional programming for free, including blogs/articles, webinars, award-winning podcasts and reputable Product Awards.

When we invest in a startup, they get the benefits of the network targeted to their needs. For instance, we give them an award, feature them on our podcast, and organize a series of roundtables for them.

Product Awards celebrate product excellence
  • Spot emerging trends in AI, security, sustainability and more, summarized in quarterly Product Guides and press releases
  • Celebrate 200 winners out of >6,000 nominees, picked by independent Advisory Board
  • Reach multiple millions of views across social media and digital

1–3 awards / Mighty Capital
portfolio company

Product Talk is an award-winning top 5% podcast show
  • By and for product minds
  • Drops 3 times per week
  • Many millions of downloads
  • Hundreds of episodes
  • 5-star reviews, no ads

3–5 episodes / Mighty Capital
portfolio company

Product Executive Roundtables
  • Dozens of product executives
  • Innovation-driven themes
  • Across industry
  • Live and virtual
  • Net Promoter score > 80

50–250 introductions /
Mighty Capital portfolio company

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