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PeopleReign: An AI-first System of Intelligence for Enterprises

We are thrilled to announce our recent investment in PeopleReign, a cutting-edge SaaS platform that is revolutionizing the way IT and HR services are delivered. PeopleReign's conversational AI platform is designed to automate IT and HR employee service, making it more efficient and user-friendly. It's capable of speaking 27 languages and is pre-configured to answer ~5,000,000 common questions. This innovation is not just a step forward for PeopleReign; it's a leap forward for the industry.

The company was founded by a serial entrepreneur, Dan Turchin, whose journey from Aeroprise to PeopleReign illustrates a passionate commitment to IT and HR excellence. Dan's leadership in assembling a team of experts, including Ben Brennan and Matt Parker, positions the company at the forefront of enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Ben's QSTAC method and Matt's advanced LLM infrastructure solutions are key in creating a workplace where technology uplifts the employee experience, setting a new standard for innovation in the workspace.

"We selected Mighty Capital because the team is passionate about our mission, vision, and product-first culture. This is a unique partnership because it provides access to insights from 500,000 product leaders who have helped us scope and prioritize new features. Also, receiving a 2024 Products Award for excellence in enterprise AI has helped close deals with Fortune 500."

~ Dan Turchin, CEO, PeopleReign

By automating routine questions, Fortune 500 companies like Netflix and Cisco are already experiencing enhanced productivity among their tens of thousands of employees across the world. PeopleReign’s AI is able to reduce ticket volumes by 65%, cost per ticket by 85%, mean time to resolution by 40%, and first call resolution by 55% proving to be a quick return on a customer’s investment. Setting them apart from the competition has helped them achieve sextuple growth during 2023’s bear market.

“After much research with Microsoft, ServiceNow and others, PeopleReign’s value proposition of flexibility, team, customer service, a long history of no negative press and an ROI <10 months has earned them a multi-year contract.”

~ CIO, Europe’s Largest IT Provider

We are excited to lead PeopleReign’s Pre-Series A joining in with other B2B venture firms like Boulder and Moxxie. Our Managing Partner, SC Moatti, will represent Mighty Capital in the boardroom.

We are committed to opening our network of >500,000 product managers (PMs) to PeopleReign, in order to accelerate their success in 3 ways:  

  • Sell to enterprise PMs: PMs are front and center on corporate strategy and investments in AI, whether it be for internal productivity or incorporated into their products/services
  • Hire great product talent: their product-first leadership mindset will drive a need to continue to recruit top product talent to spearhead their aggressive product roadmap
  • Create OEM and M&A opportunities with Chief Product Officers (CPOs): they continue to partner with Fortune 500s where we consistently advise respective CPOs with their strategic partnerships and M&A agenda

Our investment in PeopleReign reflects our commitment to supporting technologies that drive efficiency and improve the work lives of employees around the globe. We are excited to be a small part of PeopleReign's journey and look forward to the innovative solutions they will continue to bring to the market.