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How Dasera Is Building a Data Security Market Leader

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We are thrilled to share our recent investment in Dasera, a data security startup. Data is the lifeblood of any business today, but it also poses significant risks and challenges, so data security has become a must-have. With the increasing complexity and volume of data, traditional security solutions no longer provide sufficient protection. Data breaches, misuse, and compliance violations can have serious consequences and Dasera addresses these risks by providing visibility, governance controls, and protection for structured and semi-structured data across the data lifecycle from ingestion to deletion.

The company was founded by serial security entrepreneurs Ani Chaudhuri (CEO) and Noah Johnson (CTO). They have built a stellar team of experts who share their vision and values. Dasera's leadership team is a blend of caliber, complementarity, and compatibility, with deep domain knowledge and diverse skills and styles. Working closely with Ani throughout the investment process, we particularly loved his leadership style: a cool head, a strategic mind, and a collaborative approach. 

“I'm excited to partner with Mighty Capital in our Series A because of the value of its global product platform, Products That Count. Mighty Capital will help us elevate our brand by distributing our thought leadership to a huge audience of security buyers.”

~ Ani Chaudhuri, CEO, Dasera

The company has achieved remarkable growth in the past year and has created a competitive advantage with its innovative platform. It has signed several enterprise customers across industries including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. We were impressed by the passionate testimonials customers shared with us, specifically praising Dasera’s usability, scalability, and efficiency. 

“Dasera offers a simplified tool for data discovery, classification and governance with better compute.”

~ Head of Cloud Security, Publicly-traded Company

We are excited to join hands in Dasera’s Series A with other leading B2B SaaS VC firms including Storm, Sierra, Saama, Tau and Correlation. We believe that the high-profile board will serve the company with ethics and dedication. Our General Partner, Jennifer Vancini, a security expert, will represent Mighty Capital in the boardroom.

“Dasera has a strong product-first mindset, knowing that great products solve a real business issue for their customers with a financial ROI. Ani and the team are uniquely qualified to bring automation to data protection and compliance through its lifecycle. Mighty Capital is thrilled to be part of their journey and to help accelerate their success.”

~ Jennifer Vancini, General Partner, Mighty Capital

We are committed to opening our network of >300,000 product managers (PMs) to Dasera, in order to accelerate their success in 3 ways:  

  • Sell to enterprise PMs: Dasera enables data-driven product managers to secure and govern their data assets, which are essential for building and launching successful products. 
  • Hire great product talent: Dasera will continue to need to recruit and retain top product talent to build their innovative solutions. 
  • Create opportunities with Chief Product Officers (CPOs): We can help accelerate their ecosystem momentum with strategic partnerships. CPOs also increasingly drive the M&A agenda, so when relevant, we look forward to providing introductions that can open up doors down the road.

Dasera is poised to become a leader in the large and fast-growing data security market. We look forward to playing a small part in their success and enable them to realize their goal to create a safer, data-driven world.

For a comprehensive understanding of Dasera’s data security platform, explore firsthand insights from their valued customer, Omada Health, or read their latest white paper to discover essential strategies for navigating the complexities of data management, culture, and security.