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Fortress: Out-of-the-Box Web3 API Solution

We are thrilled to share our recent investment in Fortress, an API-driven financial, regulatory, and e-payments infrastructure for Web3. The company allows access to a variety of blockchain features, including custody, wallets, transactions, KYC/AML, tax reporting, out of the box, removing the need to deal with technical and legal complexities.  

Fortress is led by Scott Purcell, a serial blockchain founder who brings picture perfect founder-market fit, has a big appetite for risk and knows how to navigate the complex and evolving landscape of this industry. He put together a stellar team of experts in compliance, engineering, and sales who are passionate about bringing blockchain to the mainstream. 

“I'm excited to partner with Mighty Capital -they will help us elevate our brand by distributing our thought leadership to a huge audience of product managers as well as support us with our top priority - hiring them.”

~ Scott Purcell, CEO, Fortress

The company has achieved triple-digit growth and built a huge enterprise pipeline in the midst of the current crypto-winter. Their unique product sets them apart from the competition and their scalable pricing model aligns with their customers' success and growth. We were particularly impressed with their passion and growth mindset -they constantly improve their processes to drive efficiency. 

“Fortress will give us 3x efficiency in serving our clients and growing our business. Its clean charter allows it to provide custody services for a wide range of alternative investments, including real estate and metals.”

~ CEO, Leading IRA Platform

Our Venture Partner, Naeem Raza, a successful B2B tech entrepreneur, will represent Mighty Capital in the boardroom. We look forward to open our network of >300,000 product managers (PMs) to Fortress, in order to accelerate their success in 3 ways:  

  • Sell to enterprise PMs: product managers working at Fortune 1000 can leverage the Fortress offerings to implement a robust blockchain solution without the hassle of building it themselves
  • Hire great product talent: Fortress’ immediate need is to recruit top product talent to build features currently being requested by their customers like a settlement network
  • Create M&A opportunities with Chief Product Officers (CPO): CPOs can accelerate towards their product vision and company strategy by leveraging Fortress’ innovative product, scalable pricing model and large customer base