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Sorcero Presents: How to Build Great AI-Powered Products for Life Sciences (eBook)

In this eBook, get ready to learn all about building products for life sciences powered by artificial intelligence. Your guide for this journey is Mighty Capital portfolio company Sorcero's Founder & CEO, Dipanwita Das. Herein you'll find highlights from six conversations with life sciences product leaders. These include the importance of good medical science liaisons. And what it means to truly put the patient first. Also how AI can improve diversity in clinical trials. Or why the time is now for digital health. And futurecasting with AI. Or what venture capitalists want to see from AI startups.

And so much more. What are you waiting for? If you want to learn how to build great AI-powered products for life sciences, dive in below.

Now that you have learned about building AI-powered products for life sciences, what do you think? Do you work in life sciences? Are you an investor? Do you see the potential here? Perhaps you see some avenues that are unexplored here. Drop us a line to share your thoughts.

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