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Fast Company Names Bluedot as World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

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The 10 most innovative dining companies of 2022

How Bluedot, Wingstop, Brightloom, ChowNow, and other dining innovators are pioneering new ways to reach customers.

Over the past couple of years, the restaurant industry was forced to innovate at warp speed to maintain customers amid a global pandemic that stopped indoor dining in its tracks. Many of these innovations are now maturing—and companies are continuing to add even more new features. One such company is Bluedot, a location technology startup that helps restaurants, including chains like McDonald’s and KFC, offer curbside pickup and reduce wait times for customers. This year, it actually made the wait for food fun by incorporating games similar to Pokémon Go that leverage AR technology to bring customers’ surroundings alive.


For making food pickups fun (and more efficient)

San-Francisco-based Bluedot is a location technology company that helps quick-service restaurants offer drive-through and curbside pickup seamlessly. After seeing 353% growth in monthly active users since January 2020—due in large part to the pandemic—the 5-year-old company rolled out an enhanced suite of services called Tempo, which lets restaurants track the location of a customer, accurately predict their arrival time, and alert staff so that they can start preparing food at the right time ahead of pickup. Tempo also allows guests to check in when they arrive and to digitally signal to staff that they are ready to pick up their order. The predictive technology can help fast-food chains decide whether to incorporate AR experiences—similar to Pokémon Go—to entertain customers while they wait. The company’s brand customers include Dunkin’, McDonald’s, and KFC, as well as Craveable Brands, Six Flags, OTR, and Red Rooster.

Bluedot is No. 37 on Fast Company‘s list of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2022.