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Building Blockchain Products with AIKON (eBook)

This eBook is a crash course in building blockchain products, brought to you by AIKON. Herein, AIKON Founder and CEO Marc Blinder hosts conversations with colleagues, advisors, and some of the leading industry minds. They discuss building scalable products with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and why the education gap is one of the biggest hurdles to mass adoption. Through these conversations, AIKON hopes to help bridge that education gap and make blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible to all.

Here is an excerpt:

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have rapidly evolved since the infamous 2008 Bitcoin Whitepaper. This technology is more than just buzzwords like ‘Bored Apes’ and ‘Degens.’ It’s already reinventing the world of finance, healthcare, and supply chain management — and promises to reimagine gaming, media, and the arts as well. But we’ve only scratched the surface of what this technology can bring to both businesses and consumers across the globe.

There is much more. Jump into the pages below and learn all about building blockchain products with AIKON, your industry insiders.

Now that you have learned about the topic, what do you think? Do you work in Web3? Are you an investor? Do you see the potential here? Perhaps you see some avenues that are unexplored. Drop us a line to share your thoughts.

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