Mighty Capital is an early-growth Silicon Valley venture capital firm. We look for companies with:
  • a strong leadership team,
  • proven product-market fit, and
  • a clear go-to-market strategy.
We are investors in Digital Ocean, Amplitude and MissionBio. Amplitude calls us the “best value for the dollar invested" and says that our network brought them millions of dollars in revenue. The combination of our diverse partnership expertise and our exclusive access to a global business acceleration platform, Products That Count, helps our portfolio drive sales, hire talent, validate ideas, and exit via corporate M&A. That is why top-tier venture firms like USVP, Mayfield and Aligned Partners invited us to co-invest with them, and why Business Insider says we’ve come up with “a new way of doing venture capital.” If you or someone you know runs a company that meets those criteria, we’d love to hear about it! The best way to get in touch with us is via a mutual connection, most likely a current investor or your law firm. If that’s not an option, then email dealflow@mighty.capital.


September 4, 2017

A killer pitch deck sounds like a story by design. It is meant to help you step back from the details of your business or new product, to tell a compelling story to an investor. It reads as simple as this: “We are a unique team, excited to solve a big and hard problem. We came up with a sustainably differentiated solution. As a result, we are gaining solid traction, which we monetize fairly. So our financials look extremely promising but to get there, we need a reasonable amount of funding. We have a credible plan to generate significant returns for our investors.”

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February 3, 2017

When a due diligence is appropriate, we ask the entrepreneur to make a data room available to the due diligence team. Through a review of the material in the data room and discussions with the CEO, exec team and references, the due diligence lead is able to cover the key aspects of the due diligence: team, business, financing, and match with Mighty Capital.

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October 19, 2020

Mighty Capital is hiring an exceptional individual to join us as an AssociatePrincipal and have a direct impact our organization. They will be responsible for managing the deal flow, performing analysis, coordinating partner and volunteer activities, and taking on other ad-hoc tasks. Strong interpersonal skills, strategic thinking with exceptional analytical and presentation skills, high energy and a service mindset approach are a must. To apply: email you cover letter and resume to sc@mighty.capital with the title “Candidate for the Associate/Principal position: <your name>”

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October 2, 2020

Today, we’re excited to announce that Mighty Capital has invested in Siren. They just closed on a nearly $21M Series B with participation by all existing investors as well as new investors, such as Manta Ray, Portfolia and David Helgason.

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August 25, 2020

Listen to SC Moatti’s Interview with Konstantin Dubovitskiy of Fundraising Radio. Topics also include:

  • How to make sales through product managers?
  • When should startups start working on content generation?
  • How long it might take to pay off?

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August 14, 2020

Today, we’re excited to announce that Mighty Capital portfolio company, Mission Bio has raised a new $70 million Series C funding round, led by Novo Growth and including participation from Soleus Capital and existing investors Mayfield, Cota and Agilent. Mission Bio will use the funding to scale its Tapestri Platform, which uses the company’s work in single-cell multi-omics technology to help optimize clinical trials for targeted, precision cancer therapies.

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August 13, 2020

Listen to SC Moatti’s Interview with Shawn Flynn of The Silicon Valley Podcast. Topics also include:

  • Other than money what value can Venture Capitalist bring to the deal?
  • What is considered a good product?
  • What are common areas of negotiations between entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalist?

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July 20, 2020

As they say: When you know, you know!

Of course, you’ve never fallen for that kind of thing…or have you?!?

What DO you really know?
Exactly WHEN do you know it?
And HOW do you know it’s happened?

Indeed, we are talking about the mythical PRODUCT MARKET FIT, considered by some as the holy grail towards startup nirvana.

Excited to welcome SC Moatti, managing partner at Mighty Capital and founding CEO at Products That Count, to discuss The Myth of Product-Market Fit. SC brings a unique perspective to this important and elusive concept as an investor and a product maven.

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July 8, 2020

Listen to Skylar Founder & CEO Cat Chen discuss scaling a product-focused startup and the key factors of a great product. Topics also include:

  • How to go about fundraising and why Skylar is excited to work with Mighty Capital
  • How to get customer feedback and the importance of A/B Testing the customer experience
  • When to have a dedicated product team and how to maximize resources early on

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June 30, 2020

Today, we’re excited to announce that Bluedot has raised a $9.1 million Series B funding led by Autotech Ventures, including participation by existing investor Transurban and new investors Forefront Ventures, IAG Firemark Ventures, and Mighty Capital. Alexei Andreev, from Autotech Ventures, has joined our board along with Jennifer Azapian, from Mighty Capital as a board observer.

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June 16, 2020

SC Moatti was honored to recently be interviewed by Vanda Vovk of Unicorn Nest.

Don’t try to be different because what is going to make you stand out is the quality of your team, the size of the problem you’re solving, the defensilbility of your solution and your revenue traction.

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May 29, 2020

Today, the six-year old startup announced that it has closed a $13 million Series A funding round led by Fusion Fund. Mighty Capital, Allianz Life Ventures, Vectr Fintech Partners and Viaduct Ventures also participated, along with two angel investors from a previous round.

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