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Entrepreneur Spotlight

Spenser Skates

Founder & CEO

“Mighty Capital is among our top investors in terms of value per dollar invested. They have allowed us to find new customers, increase brand awareness and accelerate sales. They have helped us increase our sales velocity by 29%, generating millions of new revenue while providing 10x ROI. They have been awesome to work with.”

29% faster sales velocity

Mighty Capital accelerated execution

$5M million of new revenue

From marquee brands like Eventbrite


Kumesh Aroomoogan

Co-founder & CEO

“Mighty Capital has been one of our most prominent value-add investors. Thanks to Mighty Capital, we have gotten in the door with fortune 1000 finance leaders, including Goldman Sachs, Northwestern Mutual and more.”

Goldman Sachs and Northwestern Mutual

Mighty Capital opened doors


Charlie Silver

Founder & CEO

“Mighty Capital is one of our favorite investors in terms of value-add from the network, skill in building businesses from revenue to scale, and they helped us hire the former CEO of Sony BioScience.”

Red Herring Top 100

Award winner

Sony BioScience CEO

Mighty Capital sourced key hire


Emil Davityan

Co-founder & CEO

“Mighty Capital is one of our most valuable investors. Their global network was instrumental in securing our $9M Series B and scaling our go-to-market strategy.”

Autotech Ventures

Mighty Capital sourced lead investor


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