Spenser Skates

Founder & CEO

29% faster sales velocity

Mighty Capital accelerated execution

$5M million of new revenue

From marquee brands like Eventbrite

Spenser Skates

Founder & CEO

Amplitude is a product intelligence platform used by product teams to build the best digital products and grow their businesses. Amplitude serves more than 30,000 customers, including Microsoft, Cisco, Atlassian, Twitter, Box, and Hubspot.


Mighty Capital first met Spenser when Spenser attended one of the Product That Counts speaker series with attendance of over 200 product managers. Spenser was interviewed as a guest speaker on the Products That Count Podcast (Top 500 iTunes tech podcast with 1.2M listeners) which increased Amplitude’s brand when it was only Seed-funded. Soon after, Mighty Capital hosted executive events with product leaders for Amplitude and since, Amplitude has won awards every year at The Product Awards, an annual celebration of the best products for product managers that generates over 2M impressions.

Spenser Skates invited Mighty Capital to invest in an oversubscribed round alongside Benchmark, IVP & Battery Ventures because Spenser knew he could scale faster by leveraging our network of >300,000 product managers. Since our investment, Mighty Capital has helped increase new leads by 40%, which helped Amplitude reach 100s of new C/VP-level product executives & decision makers resulting in millions of new revenue from marquee customers like Eventbrite and resulted in 29% faster sales velocity (ex: 9 month to 6 month sales cycle).

In Sept 2021, Amplitude publicly listed on NASDAQ (AMPL.O) with a $5B market cap, which was >40% above their reference price. Mighty Capital offered additional visibility including a keynote on TheNextWeb main stage on the topic of the Age of Product.

Spenser was also interviewed on the popular Kauffman Fellows Podcast thanks to Mighty Capital.

“Mighty Capital is among our top investors in terms of value per dollar invested. They have allowed us to find new customers, increase brand awareness and accelerate sales. They have helped us increase our sales velocity by 29%, generating millions of new revenue while providing 10x ROI. They have been awesome to work with.”