Sorcero Founder & CEO Dipanwita Das

Dipanwita Das

Founder & CEO

Increased brand awareness

2M watched them win the Product Innovation Award

Increased thought leadership

Listened to CEO interview their key stakeholders on Mighty Capital podcast

Value-add board member

Amplified growth strategy with strategic intros through product executive salons

Dipanwita Das

Founder & CEO

“AI Analytics and Insights for Life Sciences”

Eliminate data silos. Accelerate medical insights discovery. Measure your impact. Sorcero products are designed to help life science teams know more, faster. We help you measure and track the impact of products, therapies and published research on patient outcomes and understand where risks, gaps or new opportunities exist. Sorcero Clarity supercharges field medical engagement, competitive intelligence, publications monitoring, research, and scientific literature review. Their secret sauce is AI-powered natural language understanding and machine learning, tuned for the unique terminologies and complexities of medical content.


Mighty Capital built conviction that artificial intelligence and natural language processing would disrupt life sciences in 2021. Mighty Capital first discovered Sorcero during our market mapping exercise and, on May ‘21, Mighty Capital met Dipanwita (i.e. ‘D’) Das when D was closing their Series A round and invited Mighty Capital to be a board observer. Once learning Sorcero were being trusted by 4 of the top 10 life science enterprises collectively representing north of $300bn, Mighty Capital nominated Sorcero for the 2022 The Product Award, an annual celebration of the best products for product managers that generates over 2M impressions. D then interviewed Sorcero’s key stakeholders on Mighty Capital’s podcast. Mighty Capital also offered strategic introductions to product management executives and key service providers.

Mighty Capital is thankful for its’ partnership with Sorcero and is excited to continue being part of Sorcero’s success.

"Mighty Capital has been nothing short of amazing and one of our cherished investors on my cap table. For example, I was delighted at the value that Might Capital's product expertise and podcasts have brought us. We found it super useful and I hope the rest of your portfolio companies have a similar experience.”