Alex Beckman

Founder & CEO

Revenue accelerator

Closed Neiman Marcus, a new vertical, within 30 days

Increased brand awareness

1.2M listened to CEO interview on ProductTalk

Value-add board member

Led Series B and solidified growth strategy

Alex Beckman

Founder & CEO

GameOn Technology developed a product called ChatOS, which is a platform that enables brands with Chat to engage their fans. ChatOS powers conversational AI for some of the world’s largest enterprises and brands. GameOn serves 100+ customers, including The World Cup, Arsenal, Minnesota Vikings, LA Chargers & Indiana Pacers.


Mighty Capital discovered GameOn Technology thanks to the 2021 The Product Awards, by Products that Count, an annual celebration of the best products for product managers that generates over 2M impressions. Not only was GameOn amongst the 2,000 nominations from Products That Count’s network of more than 300,000 product managers. It was also named one of the best products for “listening to customers.”

Alex and Mighty Capital developed a strong relationship in the months following the 2021 Product Awards. As a result, Alex re-opened their Series A note to invite Mighty Capital to invest at the prior terms. Alex knew he could scale faster by leveraging our network of >300,000 product managers. Mighty Capital shared our go-to-market playbook with Alex on how to access our community of product managers. GameOn has used it to accelerate their growth into existing and new verticals with a 30-day sales cycle. Additionally, Alex has spoken on the Products that Count podcast, which is Forbes Top 17 & Top 500 Apple tech podcast with 1.2M listeners. He’s also attended Products that Count’s executive product salon and plans to attend more:

“The executive product salon encouraged conversation across a collection of people that can be hard to come by these days. We also generated many qualified customer intros.” 

GameOn has secured a $35M Series B co-led by Mighty Capital on Oct ‘21, just 5 months after Mighty Capital’s initial investment. Mighty Capital is thankful for its’ partnership with GameOn Technologies and is excited to continue being part of GameOn’s success.

"I re-opened our Series A note and invited Mighty Capital to co-lead our Series B and serve on our board because of the value of its global product platform, Products That Count. Mighty Capital helped us break into new verticals and close millions of dollars in contract value including with marquee customers like Neiman Marcus.”