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SuperReturn Mainstage 2022: What sets Mighty Capital apart?

Founding Managing Partner SC Moatti explains at SuperReturn North America 2022.

This past month, Mighty Capital celebrated its 5-year anniversary, and along with it, a triple-whammy of milestones. During this time, the firm raised 3 funds, had 3 IPOs and 3 exits. Amplitude even called Mighty Capital "the best value per dollar invested". So how did they do it? In her talk (below) at SuperReturn North America 2022, Founding Managing Partner SC Moatti explores what sets Mighty Capital apart from other firms, and gives it the edge to create these industry-leading results.

At a high level, the three biggest differentiators for Mighty Capital are:

  • Focus on B2B technology companies raising Series A
  • Provides portfolio companies exclusive access to 300,000 product managers -- serving as a go-to-market channel, hiring pipeline and liquidity channel
  • High success rates among a highly curated portfolio - exits include Airbnb, DigitalOcean and Amplitude

Mighty Capital’s key areas of investment differentiation include:

  • Opportunity: Acceleration of digital transformation across industries is leading to the rise of the product management function to the C-Suite. In 5 years, 70% of Fortune 1000 companies will have a Chief Product Officer – creating significant opportunity for Mighty Capital's portfolio companies to sell into
  • Risk management: Mighty Capital follows an extremely rigorous process to manage dealflow and back-office functions. We seat on the boards of over half of our portfolio companies in order to provide support as needed
  • Team: Even though Mighty Capital is primarily a financial investor -- through our network, we enable over 300,000 technology professionals build successful careers and change the course of their lives

Examples of Mighty Capital’s unique value add for portfolio companies:

  • Amplitude: In addition to Mighty Capital, Amplitude was funded by Sequoia Capital, Benchmark and Battery Ventures. We were able to invest into this highly competitive deal by adding value through our product network. We introduced Amplitude to dozens of potential customers, helping the company accelerate sales by 30% and adding millions of dollars of revenue
  • Canela Media: The Founding CEO just raised the largest Series A round ever raised by a Latina. She heard about Mighty Capital through our product network and reached out via a cold inbound email. Through our discipline, we were able to identify very promising business fundamentals and invested in the company. SC Moatti serves on the board of Canela Media and helped source the company's Chief Product Officer from a competitor