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Our Investment Process

After a company is referred to Mighty Capital, we may decide to invite them to a screening session using the following criteria:
  • Demonstrated evidence of product/market fit
  • Amazing CEO and Bay Area and West Coast based leadership
  • Not the first money in –previous seed funding or early revenue
During the screening meeting, partners decide whether to invite the entrepreneur to pitch to the full partnership at the weekly partner meeting. We do not cut a check in the first meeting: we want a strong fit with the team/business and that takes some time to build. After the pitch, partners decide whether to kick off a due diligence process. At the end of the due diligence, partners decide whether to invest. Mighty Capital doesn’t typically lead rounds, but when it makes sense, it invests across the lifecycle of its portfolio companies, not just in the initial round. Check size ranges from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few millions. Mighty Capital screens 6-10 companies weekly, and invests in 5-10 companies yearly.