High Performance Is

You’re a founder who believes in outdoing your best.

  • You expect expertise. We help our companies generate millions in revenue and increase their sales velocity by 30%.
  • You want a strategy that slays. We have built products—including Facebook, Nokia and Electronic Arts—used by billions.
  • You deserve to worry less. We share information and alert you of potential potholes so you can navigate the entrepreneurial journey.
  • You must maintain your autonomy. We take companies public without entrepreneurs sacrificing independence.

Winning is
a team game.

As one of our portfolio companies,
you will further optimize your product’s offerings, expand your customer base, scale up and, ultimately, endure.



We make minority investments with fair terms, which often means a board role.


Exclusive Access

Get in on Products That Count, the most influential product acceleration platform.


Proven Playbook

Through insights, resources and visibility, we accelerate go-to-market success.