Month: July 2020

July 20, 2020

As they say: When you know, you know!

Of course, you’ve never fallen for that kind of thing…or have you?!?

What DO you really know?
Exactly WHEN do you know it?
And HOW do you know it’s happened?

Indeed, we are talking about the mythical PRODUCT MARKET FIT, considered by some as the holy grail towards startup nirvana.

Excited to welcome SC Moatti, managing partner at Mighty Capital and founding CEO at Products That Count, to discuss The Myth of Product-Market Fit. SC brings a unique perspective to this important and elusive concept as an investor and a product maven.

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July 8, 2020

Listen to Skylar Founder & CEO Cat Chen discuss scaling a product-focused startup and the key factors of a great product. Topics also include:

  • How to go about fundraising and why Skylar is excited to work with Mighty Capital
  • How to get customer feedback and the importance of A/B Testing the customer experience
  • When to have a dedicated product team and how to maximize resources early on

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